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Our Mission

We fill the gap between IT and OT systems to help companies realize value from their capital equipment and processes.

We identify waste and improvement opportunities through fact finding, data collection, integration, and analysis.

We reduce labor and quality costs by bridging IT, OT, and Enterprise systems and eliminate non-value-added work.

Core Competencies

Enterprise Integration

Automation of repeat tasks and data exchange between disparate systems, including BizTalk, Magic XPI, and Apache NiFi platforms.

Data Collection

A true transformation ensures that the non-value added activity of data collection by operators is eliminated. If manual data entry is absolutely necessary, it is then moved to the edge instead of an out-of-band, after the fact system.

SCADA Development

Real-time process control and monitoring is executed using the Ignition platform. Ignition is also the perfect platform to quickly replace legacy shop floor systems.

Shop Floor Connectivity

Process data acquisition is at the core of any transformation. Kepware data ingress from a PLC is one option. Alternatively, we can provide inexpensive sensing hardware that fits your current infrastructure.

Information Modeling

Standardization of data models ensures consistency across processes, yields best analytical results, and prepares you for improvement activities.


We partner with some of the best Splunk and Azure data analysis and visualization experts.

Process Morphing

Modifying a complex process can be challenging, ineffective, or impossible. By leveraging lean tools and edge connectivity where the work is being done, the result of process augmentation is often a completely different, more effective sequence of work steps.

Team Development

It is necessary to have an official or digital transformation team.  We can help identify and recruit business and technical talent internally or externally.

Project Management

Agile project management ensures frequent solution reviews with our customers, high quality communication, prevents costly rework, and maintains target delivery dates and budgets.


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