• Wireless

    Connect remotely and wirelessly over wifi, bluetooth, or LoRa for the ultimate in convenience and connectivity.

  • Expandable

    With dozens of ways to connect and near infinite scalability, Ladder 99 is able to be used on a single machine or on hundreds across multiple sites.

  • Compatible

    Ladder 99 ties in with Microsoft Azure, AWS, or SQL servers so you can store your data how and where you want to .

Make Your Equipment Smarter

The Ladder 99 system allows your equipment to talk to you in an intelligent way, giving you data and feedback about virtually anything you want to know. Your systems can tell you how quickly they are working, when they are down, when targets are met, and where bottlenecks are. The possibilities are endless!

Save Money

The Ladder 99 system does the work of multiple people, monitoring and alerting you of issues, productivity rates, or anything else you can imagine. The system can also help you optimize your production by identifying bottlenecks, slowdowns, rearanging break times, layout, or staffing changes.